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Our History

Craig Lowe's Kenpo Karate started on the west coast in southern California back in 1984.  In more recent years Craig Lowe has opened studios throughout the greater Boston area.  Our Norwood studio has been opened since 2000 and has been helping students develop self-confidence, self-defense and self-discipline while getting into better shape.  Craig Lowe is an 8th degree Black belt in Kenpo Karate.   He and his top instructors have had the honor of training with some of the best martial arts teachers such as Larry Tatum, Dan Inosanto, Raffi Derderian, Francis Fong, Jerry Poteet, Taky Kimura and Jim McCann to name a few.


We here at CLKK feel that it is important to train in as many different martial arts as possible and then allow the student to determine what techniques suit them the best.



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