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Adult Classes

Kenpo Karate.​​
Learn the fascinating art of Kenpo Karate.  Kenpo is a street effective martial art designed to protect you in real life situations.  Kenpo karate is suitable for men, women and children.   We offer lessons both weekdays and weekends, mornings and evenings.

Kickboxing / Jeet Kune Do.
Kickboxing can help you become the fittest in your life.  This is a great workout and also an opportunity to learn how to defend yourself at the same time.   Jeet Kune Do is the approach to the martial arts made popular by Bruce Lee.  In these classes you will be learning techniques from many styles of combat such as wing chun, savate, fencing kickboxing and boxing to name a few.  Move at you own pace and bring to whatever level you feel comfortable with. 
Kali classes teach the use of the short sticks and knife.   These are available to our adult students only.

Grappling is offered to beginner students that are interested in learning some of the aspects of Jiu Jitsu.


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